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About Us – The National Trichology Training Institute

About Us

Our Story

The National Trichology Training Institute (NTTI) was founded in September 2006, by Certified Trichologist, Connie Judge. With over 30 years of master cosmetology experience she added a valuable dimension to trichology and beauty education which includes; a newer innovative scientific phase and a biological approach to health and wellness of the total body, because it is directly interrelated with having healthy hair.

Distinctly different and leading in the USA, NTTI does not compare its policies and procedures of education to other global trichology associations. Other “associations” of trichology only provide an association type certification governed by its own self-governing body as opposed to a State Educational Certification governed by a recognized Academic Board of Education.

In December of 2010 NTTI received full authorization under the Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Institutes Act of 1990. This Act means that NTTI is operating under the accreditation of a nonpublic postsecondary institution that meet certain requirements such as; providing for fees based on enrollment of students where funds are covered by a surety bond that would repeal conflicts about educational funding.

Moreover, there is accountability for acclaimed titles of trichology certifications through proper education. In other words, a trichology association cannot provide a proper and credible educational Title of Certification in trichology without the willingness to come into compliance and be governed by an Accredited Board of Education.

NTTI has astutely blazed the trail in the USA to provide quality education and a proper title for Certified Trichology practitioners. They have graduated hundreds of Alumni throughout the United States. This group of Trichologists owns many Trichological hair loss clinics which are on the rise.

Presently, NTTI is the only known brick and mortar Institute in the U.S. that is authorized and governed by a Post-Secondary Board of Education. They have published several textbooks and the Institute provides a one year, 600-hour practitioners certification course in Trichology Health Care.

Clearly stated, a Certified Trichologist has studied and successfully completed a recognized Trichology Educational Program. To become a certified trichologist in the United States the Trichology course must be authorized and governed by a Post Secondary Board of Education. Please be aware that not all Trichologists are trained in the same way and it is not against the law for an untrained person or knowledgeable hairdressers (hair stylists/cosmetologists) to call themselves Trichologists. There are many hair loss clinics around the U.S. owned by ‘specialists’ that will take a three-day seminar with no formal training in hair loss and scalp disease that will call themselves a trichologist.

The National Trichology Training Institute (NTTI) reports that over the next five years traditional hair styling will not be the main focus for hair care, because of the many scalp disorders and hair loss issues. Trichology healthy hair care services are the new phase for the beauty industry. Additionally, cosmetologists and other beauty professionals must increase their education and conform to trichology-supported change, new concepts, and professional practices if they are going to survive in the hair care industry.

Founder’s Bio

Known internationally as a visionary, entrepreneur, beauty industry leader in trichology, author, founder, and president of the National Trichology Training Institute (NTTI), Connie Judge is renowned for her leadership in the profession of Trichology Health Care. NTTI received authorization through the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission to issue Diplomas in Trichology Health Care Education. Connie is the first and only owner of a Trichology Training Institute in the United States. The Institute has received notable awards such as a Proclamation from the City of Stockbridge, GA and several Resolutions from the Georgia State Capital for becoming the only Trichology Institute of its kind in the US to bring about an awareness concerning the hair loss epidemic.

With more than 38 years of entrepreneurial experience, she has mastered the art and science of hair care education. Her years of experience includes, teaching on an international level at numerous trade shows, and colleges. Connie presents a courageous, honest, and heartfelt perspective on real-world issues of hair loss. Seeing a greater need for healthy hair care in the beauty industry, she became a Certified Trichology Practitioner and brought about a paradigm shift in the global beauty industry. As a Trichology instructor, she continues to train many of the next generation beauty professionals to assume their roles in the society of trichology hair care. Her accomplishments consist of various certificates of completion for advanced training in the health, wellness, and business.

Connie received the Community Award Key to the City of Albany, Georgia, and several proclamations from the City of Macon and the City of Atlanta, Georgia. She is featured in several national trade magazines, other periodicals and hosted the NBC Television Talk show, “Sisters Can We Talk”? As a published author, her works include: Saving Our Strands, Kitchen-Tician Beau-Tician, A Beauty Business Manual and the Trichology Health Care Textbook, Trichology Workbook, DVD’s Training Series and more.


1Is your institute authorized by a Board?
Yes, the National Trichology Training Institute is the only Institute authorized by the Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission in the State of Georgia to award Diplomas in Trichology Health Care. Visit under non-degreed schools to find the National Trichology Training Institute.
2Does your course provide a written curriculum on Trichology?
Yes. The National Trichology Training Institute has textbooks, workbooks, and reinforcement of the training on DVD.
3Does your school give a state or national exam after completion of the course?
Yes, students complete a national exam.
4Does your school issue a diploma or certificate at the end of the course?
Yes, students earn a Diploma in Trichology Health Care.
5Does your school provide an authorized certificate by an accredited governing board? If so, what board accredits your school?
Yes, the Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission in the state of Georgia.
6Is your school licensed and bonded?
7Does your school pay Trustee funds to the governing Board of Education?
Yes, the Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission in the state of Georgia.